Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dell Customer Service RANT

I have had the absolute worst past 3 weeks with Dell, I am spending a good amount of money on a computer system and a 30 inch Dell Monitor and for some reason they could care less if I am happy or even if I recieve my stuff. I hope noone here ever uses Dell again, I know I never will. I dont care how good there stuff is, it cant be worth it. My desktop has already been stolen once because they sent it to the wrong address.

At one point I called to double check on my order and they said yes Mr. Martin everything is being sent to 1118 Thomas Ave. in San Diego...well thats great but I havent lived there for 3 years, somehow they switched my order over to there. I got that cleared up but there have been 2 more address mistakes since then.

There are so many horror stories it is just amazing. Here is the latest one... after weeks of being hung up on by the system by mistake, talking to over 20 different Dell Reps (not an exaggeration), complaing to anyone who will listen....

I called up today and used this super duper extension that this guy Francis (he was the 5th guy who claimed to be upper level management and assured me he would follow my case until I was happy) left for me because I was trying to check on the new computer they are rushing out. Well, all the extension was good for was a good ole automatic hang up after 2 minutes of waiting.

Anyways, I called back and finally got a hold of a live person, she said my computer wont be here for another 10 days....I asked her to look through my file and see if they could either rush it to me or compensate me for the computer since they are wasting so much of my time, not to mention costing me money every hour I dont have my computer to play poker on. Well this girl said to me, "we are not in the business of giving computers away for free we are in the business of selling computers" Well after she spouted that to me I asked her name, audibly frazzeled she quickly thanked me for calling dell and HUNG UP ON ME. I could not make this up.

Cliff Notes Version : NEVER USE DELL


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