Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Claudio Reyna - Soccer

Claudio Reyna made the single worst play I have witnessed in the past few years of professional or international soccer. Reyna not only tried to dribble past his man as the last defender, but then he faked an injury once his man stole the ball and scored a goal. He went as far to get carried off in a stretcher only to be back 2 minutes later. Reyna really didnt come to play all World Cup and this HUGE BLUNDER in the Ghana game is unfortunately how I will remember him, the mistake was inexcuseable at a U-12 Select Team Level, on a world stage it was honestly shocking to me.

On a related note, I really hate how all these guys flop all around the field whenever they fall down during this World Cup. Could u imagine Charles Barkely getting nudged by Karl Malone, not getting the call from the ref and instead of hustling back on D he just grabs for his hamstring and lays on the ground while Stockton brings it up the floor 5 on 4?? I don't see how what these soccer players continue to do is any different. My friend Matt said they do it cause the grass is all newly cut and soft and comfortable so they dont want to get up, he is probably on to something...


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