Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Camp

Growing up the best months of my life were often the summer when I went away to overnight camp. I looked forward to the 2 months of camp all school year. Arriving at camp was one of the single most exciting days of the year. Seeing old friends, checking out the girls and seeing how they had developed over the past years etc.

After my Freshman year of college I went to camp for my final year as counselor and head of tennis and I knew that I was getting too old for summer camp and I had to move on. It was a sad feeling that I would never experience the anticipation of a 2 month summer excursion in to fantasy land.

Well, my non-standard life has brought me back to a new summer camp of sorts named the World Series of Poker. Last year I was in Vegas for 6 weeks in the summer, living with a buddy in a nice condo and playing a bunch of the World Series of Poker events. It culminated in a nice showing in the WSOP Main Championship event.

I was sad to go home when it was all over but there was only 10 months to go till next summer when I could do it all over again. Well I am back in Vegas living in a house with 4 expert poker players in a 5 bedroom bunk with a pool table, pool, hot tub and big screen TV (and a few random insects for that authentic summer camp feel.)

Anticipation of fame and fortune is rampant throughout our house and I'm pretty sure atleast one of us is gonna crack it big. Either way there is no place that I would rather be than at summer camp and I plan to make the most of it one way or another.



Blogger mitchupitchu said...

great analogy... i can totally see how 6 weeks in vegas grinding out table after table amongst friends and fish, could be like summer camp. Checking out how people have developed over the past year, etc. etc. Anyway, if ur hittin keep hittin and if ur grindin, keep grindin... ill save the heavy/heady shows for ya when u come back with some bling bracelets. GL and great BLOG!

7:27 PM  

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