Sunday, June 03, 2007


I need to go back to sleep, but I thought I would post a quick update blog.

I am out in Vegas, staying at Bellagio. The World Series of Poker started yesterday right down the street at Rio, and I plan to play a ton of events before the summer is over.

So far I have played the 5K Mixed Hold Event and the 1500 NL.

The mixed hold em was an AMAZING event, with a perfect structure for me. Unfortunately I couldn't get it going and busted 5 or 6 hours in.

In the 1500 NL I had a little more success building up a stack. At one point I had about 13,000, but I ended up busting at midnight about 60 people before the money.

Today is the 1500 PL event, and I also plan to play a ton of cash games sprinkled in.

BTW for those who arent up to date, I did pretty well in a Bellagio pre-lim event last's the link


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