Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pot Limit WSOP Event #3

I had more fun today than the first one, Pot Limit is really a great game, but still nothing monetary to show for it. We started with 1500 and my high point was 6000 My first table featured JDags, he played fine but made a somewhat bad call against a guy for 1000 chips and then got unlucky to lose 3 straight coinflips including the final one vs me to bust.

I got moved to a new table and soon started to chip up from 2500 to 6000. Won a few pots in position and then some guy decided I didnt have it and took a stand with ATo vs my TT. Soon after this hand happened...

Blinds 75/150, my stack 6000 and the blinds have somewhere between 2 and 3K.. Folded to me on the button and I limp with J9o (semi-debatable play but I thought I had good control over the blinds, but didnt want to raise pre-flop because I had recently been active.) Blinds check and the flop comes J97 2 toned. Checked to me I bet 325 and the SB calls. Pot is now 1100, turn is an offsuit 4 and when my opponent led at the pot for 1100 (the full size of the pot) I was loving life and put him in for 400 more chips. It seemed very very unlikely that my opponent would take this awkward line with 77 or T8, and these were the only hands that could make any sense from the complete action thus far that would have me beat. On the other hand I could think of many many hands, most including some sort of Jack that would take this line that I would have had drawing very slim. When he called and flipped up T8o my dreams of having an early monster stack were dashed.

Nothing much went right after that, lost a coinflip or 2, missed a flop or 4 and before I know it I was out with 300 or so people left from the original 1100.

Other Highlights : Playing with both Minh Ly and Chau Giang, these guys are the nuts to play with. Always talking and making happy go lucky broken english jokes at every oppurtunity. Genuinely good guys as far as I can tell, hope to play with them again.

Limit Hold Em 1500 tomorrow, unclear if I am gonna play cause I really want to play the NL 2500 6 max on friday.

Oh yea and Go Red Sox, they are absolutely on fire


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