Thursday, June 07, 2007

2000 NL

I am out of the 2000 NL, I never got my stack above 10K but was still around with 230 left of the 1500 person field. The highlight of the day was playing with Brandi Hawbaker and all that comes along with that. Maybe I will write more about it later, but probably not.

Good friends Shane Schelger and Jordan Morgan are both still around in their respective tournaments. Shane will be at the televised ESPN final table tomorrow with 9 left. The story of the broadcast will certainly be the reunion of Michael Gracz and Shane's shared TV final table in the same event in 2005. Amir Vahedi is chip leader....Shaniac ftw

Jordan was top 3 in chips in the Omaha event with about 16 left when I left the Rio at 1 A.M.

All the luck in the world to both tomorrow.

Thats about it...I'm playing the 1500 shorthanded NL tomorrow along with watching my 2 roommates from April win bracelets.

Jesse Martin 2007 WSOP fun facts

Tournaments played : 5
Dinner Breaks : 4
Cashes : 1
Double Up Before Bust : 80 percent


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