Monday, June 04, 2007

Long Day - Fantasy Poker Pools

Yesterday was a long day, it was a good day too, but in the end went to bed feeling a little empty. Going in to the day a good friend, Greg "FBT" Mueller was 3rd in chips at the final table of the 5K mixed event.

There arent many people in the poker world that I root for harder than Greg. He has consistently been an ally in the poker world since the days of grinding the 20-40 limit hold em at Commerce Casino in Febuary of 2003.

Some people over the years have praised my ability to build a bankroll the proper way, avoid tilt for the most part and consistently grind. Well Greg does all those things also, but better than all but a possible select few in the world. While many of the super stars of the past 5 years moved up to0 quickly, jumped on the tournament trail too fast, or blew themselves in the pit, Greg consistently grinded away. He concentrated on game selection, improving his skill, and always with the big picture in mind. He learned all the games and now has put himself in a spot where he is the superstar, with the means to play pretty much anything he wants.

I played the 1500 PLH event with an eye on Greg's final table leaderboard throughout the day. When I busted around 120th, (75 got paid) I was dissapointed to loose my coinflip to make me healthy again in the event but looking forward to my consolation prize of hopefully sweating FBT in to his first bracelet.

Alas, it wasnt to be. After battling for about 2 hours with Mr. Smokey to a draw, the blinds got to a point where one good run of cards was gonna take it. Unfortunately Greg was on the wrong side of the run and he will have to wait a bit longer for the hardware.

Greg played an expert tournament and cashed for $350,000, the event will air on ESPN July 10th.

Fantasy Poker

At dinner break tonight, 5 of us did a fantasy WSOP draft. We are using 3 categories. "Most Cashes", "Most Bracelets", "Most total money won"..each category is weighted equally with its own prize pool.

Here are the teams, feel free to vote for which u think is best.

Ed Moncada - J.C. Tran, Patrick Antonius, Barry Greenstein, Ted Forrest, Kirk Morrison, Joe Tehan, Steve Sung, Joe Cassidy, Danny Wong, Jason Strassa

Jesse Martin - Allen Cunningham, Gavin Smith, Greg Mueller, Nick Shulman, Jeff Madsen, Chad Brown, Scotty Ngyuen, Jordan Morgan, Jarred Hamby, Robert Williamson

David Baker - Eric Lindgren, Johnny Chan, James Van Alstyne, David Singer, Chris Fergueson, Scott Fischman, Jen Harman, David Grey, Paul Wasicka, Lee Markholt

Kyle Wilson - Mike Mizrachi, Nam Le, John Juanda, David Williams, Greg Raymer, Efro, Men The Master, David Pham, Kenna James, Mr Smokey

Greg Mueller - Phill Helmuth, Daniel Negreneau, Roland De Wolfe, Andy Bloch, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Erik Seidel, Gus Hansen, Alex Jacob, David Benyamine


Blogger Chris Fargis said...

Ed's team is the best by far I think.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Leather Ass Grinder said...

Yea Ed's team is strong, I am off to a good start tho...Jordan Morgan still in Omaha

1:30 AM  

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