Thursday, August 24, 2006


I didnt win the Main Event of The World Series Of Poker

GG Pluto

Story of Pluto's demise

Science textbook publishers around the country are rushing to the printers in wake of this sad day in our solar system. We are now down to 8 planets

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

35,500 Chips and a Chair

Well, Day 2 didnt go as planned. My table was pretty damn good all day, and I chipped up to 71K at dinner break. After dinner I couldn't find a hand and when I did find spots I got re-popped. Finally I woke up with KK and a short-sack pushed in on me with AKs. We ran it for about 42 thousand chips and I lost. Would have had 80K to finish the day but instead I have 35,500 and am a short stack...For some reason I am still in good spirts. Back to Back Day 3's in the main event is kind of cool and I certainly have more than enough room for a comeback.

Gonna relax for a few days and hopefully run good when we resume