Saturday, December 15, 2007

Box Of Rain, One more Saturday Morn

While waiting to go play some football in sub 32 degrees weather I opened up my ITunes and decided to listen to "The Pod" by "Ween", I downloaded "The Pod" yesterday and have yet to give it a full run through, although I am familiar with many of the songs on the 23 track album.

During the first track I lost a bit of concentration on the music, I was reading a preview of the Syracuse basketball teams match-up tonight vs East Tennessee State. When my attention returned to the music I realized my ITunes must have been set to shuffle. I had been listening to 90 seconds of a version of "Box Of Rain" by "The Grateful Dead" performed on New Years 1972. As I went to switch the music back to the "The Pod", I decided at the last moment before clicking the button that "Box Of Rain" is not the type of song u turn off 90 seconds in. It was a great version and man what an amazing song.

While writing this blog I had this very important IM conversation with my friend Justin.

(13:12:53) Me: well we didnt organize a game this weekend
(13:13:00) Justin: you gonna give woodrow the medicine again?
(13:13:03) Me: but my friend is itching to go toss it around so I guess I am going to
(13:13:13) Justin: hook hook, stop and go?
(13:13:13) Me: nah Woodrow cant handle it
(13:13:48) Justin: i feel like the out and up is pretty much unstoppable in pick up football
(13:14:06) Justin: everyone loves to jump the out route
(13:14:34) Me: eh
(13:14:45) Me: some people just take away the deep ball all day
(13:14:57) Me: but u can get em for button hooks up the field
(13:15:03) Me: I played some QB last week
(13:15:10) Me: dominated the short game
(13:15:15) Me: Pennington like precision
(13:15:24) Justin: lol, nice
(13:15:47) Justin: i would take away the deep ball all day i think
(13:15:54) Justin: most qb's aren't patient/accurate enough
(13:16:01) Justin: play bend but don't break
(13:16:02) Me: yea exactly
(13:16:05) Me: thats what I do
(13:16:11) Me: usually works
(13:16:31) Me: its a little lazy tho and clearly not optimal
(13:16:39) Me: it can be exploited but usually isnt
(13:16:48) Justin: yeah

Rights to the Ways and the Rules of the World!

Go Pats


Anonymous BrewDogg said...

JV never threw over the top in his life!! But his 10 yard out is killer.


2:29 PM  

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