Monday, July 23, 2007

I just returned from the midwest, I traveled with the band The Heavy Pets for 4 nights. These guys are a great up and coming rock and roll band, and luckily are all good friends of mine too. Here are my reports from the run that I posted on forum


Out in Minnesota, following The Heavy Pets. Show tonight at 9:30 sharp. Everyone is super excited and in good spirits.

There is one slight negative piece of news from today that I will pass along. If u didnt know, Jeff and Mike each bought a new (sick) guitar amp Thursday in Warrenvillve, Illinois' "Guitar Center". Unfortunately while setting up for a mid-afternoon hotel jam session today, it turned out that Mike's doesn't work.

Luckily Jeff's new amp still works, and they still have Jeff's old amp in the trailer. The band will be fine tonight, but a big FU goes out to Guitar Center and Fender for selling the band a lemon amp. Mike plans on picking up a new one tomorrow in the Twin Cites Area Guitar Center.

The long drive from Chicago to Fargo, North Dakota was epic. Jim did the whole drive (12+hours), and Mike sat shot gun (shout out to both for a job extremely well done). I got to sit next to Ryan which was obviously a hell of a good time. He was as hilarious as ever, talking about "fucking cheddar eating gutter sluts" (in Wisconsin), and the Bob Weir smear campaign we are considering launching to get fans from his show during setbreak to come watch THP.

Yesterday at the festival was pretty heady, promoting the band and meeting some cool people. Many seemed very interested in checking out the band, people out here and in the scene in general are definitely looking for new bands to listen to. The girls at this festival are much less attractive than I was anticpating unfortunately...if u were wondering. Food also is not as good as Langerado or other festies, altho their are some hidden gems. Moe was pretty good, SCI was somewhat lame (imo). This festival is ready for some band to come in and blow some heads away, that should happen tonight.


What's up guys.

The best thing about the show Saturday night was that a good number of people became instant fans of The Heavy Pets. The worst thing is that Bob Weir with Kimock was probably the worst act to be up against.

The more I think about it, the time slot really hurt the band here. If Trey was around then it would have been better in some ways because some people resent Trey or are sick of him, he isnt a must see really. Most feel differently about Ratdog, they may not love the band but everyone loved the Grateful Dead and their songs and Ratdog does justice to a lot of it. They have a very professional clean feel to them, and were my favorite act besides THP at 10Klf (I didnt see Derek Trucks)

The attendance at the show started off pretty good, and then right after a solid John Galt that kept everyone dancing throughout, a lot of people realized that Ratdog's 2nd set started and some people left. This definitely sucked some energy out of the room. The band has to be highly commended for keeping it going tho, and once Pleasure Tank started I don't think a person left the venue and many started trickling back in.

From Rise to Pass It Down the place was rocking. It was amazing to see all the people blown away by this murders row of THP classics. I talked to a bunch of heads after the show and they will definitely be remembering the band and telling friends.

I wish for the band that somehow we could have gotten such an energetic crowd for the whole show, these festivals are tough when u are 2000 miles away from home and noone has heard of u yet. Also, we all have been to festivals and it is like watching this band is real good, but "I wonder what else is on". Its so hard to cement a festival audience, but they finally did it for the last 30 or so minutes.

It was a tough assignment, but the band got the job done. A good indicator of that is the solid job of merchandise sales Alex, Rachel and to a lesser extent I managed to pull off. Selling over $200 of merchandise to random people who have never heard of u 30 minutes earlier is pretty impressive and a testament to the buzz THP can create.

By the way, I had the absolute best time ever with these guys the past few days. It is really an amazing crew as we all know, and they all have the same goal in mind which is very encouraging. It is not easy what these guys are trying to accomplish, nor should it be, but we should all feel very lucky that we can be along for the ride.

See everyone in Philly


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