Friday, July 06, 2007

I play day 1B of the World Series Of Poker Main Event starting tomorrow. I will be sure to report at nights end how I stand. I am very excited to get in there and play. I have always felt strong on Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event, making day 2 both times I've played it (and day 3).

Today I spent at the gym, spa, pool with JV and then the rest of it in my room. I have been reading some poker books, hanging with friends who stopped by and even managed to win more than a WSOP Main Event buy-in screwing around playing some online poker.

I should have no excuses this year, and look to play some expert tournament NL hold-em tomorrow. It is a privilege to be able to enter this event each year, and I plan to give it maximum effort. Yet again, and for the forseable future this tournament is the most anticipated, most enjoyable, most hyped and best value of any tournament on poker tour.

At the beginning of my minor tournament successes a couple years ago, my good friend Eric suggested the nickname "Main Event Martin". It certainly hasn't stuck, nor did I hope it to, as it was quite pre-mature. However, if I can make a super deep run in this poker tournament, I might have to admit that Eric has a point when he says "it has a nice ring to it."

wish me luck


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