Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tourneys Bad, Cash Games good

I have hit a bit of a rut in tourneys. In the beginning of the series I was making every dinner break with chips and felt in a groove. I have now busted out of 3 tourneys in a row very early.

I would like to attribute this all to variance. I seem to be running in to great hands when I have very good hands, but I am definitely not playing my very best game. When u don't play your best, you open yourself up to variance much more often.

The good news is that I have been doing well in cash games for the trip, both online and live. I had one very nice win live where I jumped from 10-20 NL, to 25-50 NL, to 200-400 limit back to 10-20 NL etc. I was always jumping into good games and felt on top of everything (and ran pretty well.)

Last night I actually played in a great 400-800 limit hold em game, which is the biggest I have ever played. I ended up losing 1000 dollars but I know I was a nice favorite in the game and was happy to stay afloat when I didnt get a ton of cards. During the game I won a 14,000 dollar pot when my quad Ten's beat my opponents flopped broadway straight. So much for not getting cards I guess.

I am headed to the gym now and will probably play cash games later. Tomorrow is the 3000 NL tourney and I hope to refocus my tournament game and make a little run in that.


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