Sunday, June 10, 2007

2nd cash

I am on to day 2 in the 1500 NL event that started today at noon. I built my stack up early from 3K to 15K and then went all the way back down to 3K, possibly playing too loose. I was pretty upset because I loved my table and thought I was going to make a run for sure when I had 15. Well...eventually I got back to 15 and then made a quick rush up all the way to 60K before we got in the money.

I paid off a 5K river bet that I probably shouldnt have and then hit a couple more bad spots the rest of the night, yet I still have 35,000 going in to tomorrow. 161 people are left, we are already far in to the money (270 cashed). First place is over 600K. The blinds are big which doesnt give us much play, but this is a spot I am familiar with so if a few things go my way I have a chance.

I am going to miss the 5K Limit Hold Em Championship event tomorrow. Its always a tough field but a very fun event with a lot of play. Good luck to the many limit hold em experts I know, im sure someone I know will definitely make a run, hopefully its someone I have a small piece of!

Im waiting for my Mixed Green Salad and Lobster Quesdilla and then I am going to do my best to sleep for a solid 8 hours.

Also, a few people have asked me the best spot to find live updates on the WSOP during the day. I am pretty sure BluffMagazine is the most up to date on their website.



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