Saturday, June 09, 2007


I played the 1500 NL 6 Max and the 5K Pot Limit the past 2 days...the 1500 was an amazing tourney with some pretty awful and scared players. It was a good spot but I ended up busting around 200th out of 1300...I have some stories from that tourney that maybe I will recap when I have more time.

The 5000 Pot Limit was a tough event, I busted after 4 hours despite having 10,000 chips to start. The funny thing is I thought I played as well in that event as any I have played, I made some nice folds, but could never get a good spot to win some chips.

Tonight I played $200-$400 limit hold em. Its a big game, but I felt comfortable and booked a small win after being down for most of the session. I had a great time playing and will most likely play a lot more this trip, the group of people who play are all fun to play with and the action is pretty decent.

Next to us in the big room Brian Townsend (sbrugby, aba etc.) played 1000-2000 PLO/NLH with Johny Chan and David Benyamine. From what I gathered Brian busted them both in one huge PLO pot. Brian supposedly has won 2.5 million in the past 2 days. Check out his blog on, it will make u super jealous, but its incredible. He is becoming a legend in the poker world in record time, a 26 year old who was playing small stakes sit and go's 20 months ago or so.

1500 NL tomorrow. Need to get some sleep


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