Monday, June 11, 2007

Online Video Games

Usually I dont like to post about online poker very much because it isnt really that interesting. Also, now that my parents read this blog I don't want to sound like too much of a degenerate. That being said, I have been updating my poker playing since I have been out here and this snippet is part of the experience of living in a hotel room for a month and playing the WSOP.

I woke up this morning at noon, my tournament wouldnt start until 3. I had the chance to make some phone calls, check my stocks, email etc. After I made all my calls I still had 2 hours before the event started. Since I will be hopefully playing limit hold em all day I decided to "practice" a bit at 100-200 online on PokerStars.

Well, as the story often goes when u start a poker session against world class players when u havent havent had breakfast or changed out of your underwear I was stuck $6000 before I could blink. Before it got worse I decided to make the disciplined decision to quit my games (I was 2 tabling) and get on with the day.

I am up a little bit online for the trip, and I was prepared to take the loss in stride as a professional poker player must do all the time. I went to check my email one more time, and somehow during that time of reading a note from my buddy and looking at some pictures my dad sent me of my grandmother, I started to check the NL games on pokerstars.

I ended up sitting by myself in the 25-50 NL game with $5000. Before I knew it a short stack sat with me. He had 2200 and we played heads up. After about 10 hands, another player sat. I recognized this guy, and he is probably an expert short handed NL player.

Before I had the chance to quit the game, his Big Blind was posted and I was dealt KhKd on the button. Obv, I opened for $150. The small blind short stack folded and the BB made it $600 to go, he started the hand with $5000. I was left with a decision. I could reraise and hoped that he liked his hand enough to get it all-in right here, or I could trap him by just calling the additional $450.

I think I made the correct decision in calling the $450 and hoping to get his whole stack post flop. I am sure when I called the additional $450 he wasnt able to narrow down my range very much at all, especially because we have rarely if ever played together before. This would make it tough on him post flop to figure out where he stands. The flop was a good looking J-7-3 with 2 hearts. My opponent led for $900.

Now I had my 2nd decision point in the hand. I could raise and hoped that he had enough (but not too much) that he would go with his hand now, or I could call, trying to look weak and hope he decides there is a good enough chance that I have a draw, weak pair or am on a float.

I decided to call the $900. Maybe this was the wrong decision, but when the 6 of clubs rolled off on the turn, my opponent committed himself with his AJo, (I had TOP-TOP!) and I scooped a $10,025 pot.

Luckily my opponent didnt reload, and my shortstack opponent quit also so I didnt have to worry about hitting and running.

Now I am officially warmed up. Time to get some food, and wash up before I head to the rio for the event.


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