Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not Leaving Las Vegas

It has now been 25 days in a row living in Las Vegas, I have been off the strip twice so far. I can't say I am "sick of it" at all really. At this point I feel like I am in some sort of warped reality zone. If there was no end in sight it would be pretty scary, but as it is I am excited for what comes next. Everyday I have woken up out here I have been pumped up for the day that was in front of me. Although the trip has not gone perfect, I think that is enough of an endorsement to label my time out here far from a dissapointment so far.

The latest thing I am energized about is mixed game poker. I went to the Gambler's bookstore out here a few days ago when busting a tournament early. The Gambler's bookstore is the one stop shop for any book u need on gambling. I set out to buy 7 different books for sure, and the store had every title. I am very impressed at the selection these guys continually keep in stock. A Chinese Poker Workbook, Ray Zee's Hi-Lo Split Book and Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas were among my selections. I also bought a few other books with the plan of learning more poker games.

In the Bellagio poker room these days, it seems like the best game in the room most days is the 300-600 "mixed" game. They usually play a mix of Triple Draw, Badugi, Stud 8, Omaha with Razz, Stud and Hold Em making occasional appearances.

As a professional poker player I must learn these games, and I plan to. For a while playing anything but hold em seemed like a waste of time to me, and I think I was right. The games were great and I was still building a bankroll. I am probably a few months to a year behind in making the transition, but I think I have reached the point that I must become a very good mixed game player. I put A LOT of time in to becoming a good hold em player, so the task of learning 4 others games is scary, but hopefully the learning curve will be much faster with my poker experience to date.

Much of this urge to play mixed games for sure comes from the buzz created by the $50,000 HORSE WSOP event that starts today. Somewhere close to 225 runners will try to defeat defending champion Chip Reese and many other of the very very best poker players in the world today. This event has already turned in to a huge poker history making success in its 2nd year, and is highly anticipated by all players out here at the World Series whether they play it or not.

With that in mind, Shane, Matt, Ed and I drafted our "teams" for the HORSE pool. Here is what we came up with, keep in mind that we had no time to prepare for our draft. It was all off the top of our head picking while we ate dinner at Fix. The team that wins the most money in the HORSE event wins. Here are the teams

Shane - Chip Reese, Allen Cunningham, Thomas Wahlroos, Mike Wattel, Greg Raymer, David Oppenheim, Bill Gazes

Matt - Patrick Antonius, David Benyamine, Gus Hansen, Erick Lindgren, John Dagastino, Joe Cassidy, Jeff King

Ed - Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreneau, Greg Mueller, Nick Shulman, Chau Giang, Jen Harman, Kirk Morrison

Jesse - Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson, David Singer, Andy Bloch, Chad Brown, Minh Ly, Howard

I think David Oppenheim was the steal of the draft by Shane in the 6th round. I am a little upset I took Doyle over Allen Cunningham. I think Shane also had the worst pick in the draft with Thomas Wahlroos 9th overall.

Notable omissions include Jeffery Lisandro and Ted Forrest. These guy are easily top 28 players in this field IMO. Also people like Cindy Viollete, David Levi and Allen Kessler have great chances of cashing and probably could have been good late round picks.

The HORSE event will suck up much of the excitement in the room this week, but I still plan on playing a few events. My upcoming schedule will look like this, I am not including Day 2 or 3's of events, which would obviously overide a day 1 I was planning on

Sunday (Today) - 5 PM Mixed Limit and No-Limit hold em $1500 (3 day event)
Monday - Day Off
Tuesday - 12 PM Limit Hold em $2000 (3 day event)
Wednesday - Day Off
Thursday - 12 PM No Limit Hold em 6-Max $5000 (3 day event)
Friday - 12 PM No Limit Hold Em $2000 (3 day event)
Saturday - 12 PM No Limit Hold Em $1500 (3 day event)

Writing out that schedule really reenforces how much oppurtunity their is still left in this WSOP. 5 events in the next week and then 3 or 4 more including the Main Event. I am gonna try to give each one 100 percent focus.

Thats it for now, need to call room service


Blogger G.P. said...

Todd Brunson is a very surprising omission. Also, I agree that 9th overall for Wahlroos is crazy. . .

9:46 PM  
Blogger Leather Ass Grinder said...

yea, I forgot to mention Todd Brunson as an ommission, I realized that the other night tho. Wahlroos didnt even play, Oppenheim is owning and Lisandro is out.

Also I have a side bet with Shane, last longer between Sklansky and Mike Wattel, DS has more chips so far.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Shane Schleger said...

My brief recap and analysis, as well as end-of-day-one chipcounts are here:

2:32 PM  
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