Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mid WSOP blues

Well its around the midway point of the World Series Of Poker andI have hit somewhat of a wall. I have had very little success in the events the past week, and my online winstreak has come to an end. I am officially "stuck" for the series again.

I am still up in cash games overall for a decent number, but less than I was 48 hours ago, yet my tournament total is now $-28,000.

I can't think of much else to write. I could dig in to all the reasons why I am not having a super succesful series to date, but in the end it all comes down to the same reasons why I sometimes have these downswings in poker.

All I can do from here on out is try to pick up the pieces and set some goals for the rest of the series. I will hopefully refer back to this list for the rest of the summer. As long as I follow my goals and schedule I won't be too upset with myself at the end if I continue to have a mediocre series. Most of these things were the same goals and ideas I set for myself before the series started, but which I might have lost track of at some point.

Goal #1 - Make the tournaments the focus of my schedule

A lot goes in to playing these tournaments and its possible I havent given them enough respect. The cash games out here are tempting, and if a game is great I guess I can make an exception, but overall I think I have to make a decision every day what I am here for. As of now I am deciding that I am here to play poker tournaments, I have the rest of the year to be a cash game grinder.

Goal #2 - Have Some More Fun

I haven't been drunk since I have been out here, I havent really seen any friends but one or two outside of a poker room. This needs to change a little.

The problem is that I really still enjoy poker, and enjoy the Bellagio Spa. I have been mostly playing poker and going the gym, I can stay pretty happy just doing these things, yet for overall mental health reasons I could use some other activities mixed in.

Goal #3 - No More Online Poker (this is gonna be tough)

When I came out here, I told myself that I wouldnt play any online poker during the trip. This lasted for about 2 days. I started playing one night when I was bored and I started winning right away. I ended up running up a lot, but now I have lost the majority back. I am still up a bit so before I really regret my decision to play out here, I am gonna stop.

I will write more later...

Goal #4 Do some errands.

I need sunglasses, warm-up pants, a hat, a variety of other new clothing and several poker books I have been meaning to buy. I havent done any of these things tho.

Plan out my schedule and stick to it...this will come in my next blog. I will try to map out the rest of my WSOP


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