Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Check out this video on Vinnie Vinh

The short story on Vinh is that David Pham used to back him, but then dropped him when he didnt show up for a Final Table at Commerce earlier this year, after playing all day to get there the day before.

Vinh has sinced found other backers (rumored to be Tommy Vu) and this video does a good job of updating his recent progress.

In other news, I stuck around for a while in the $2000 limit hold em tournament. Finally I was knocked out around 80th place of the 473 players that started when my 99 couldnt outrun ATo.

Getting busted from the event turned in to a probable blessing disguise tho, because when I arrived back at Bellagio I jumped right in to a big limit hold em game and by 5:30 A.M. I booked my largest win in a live game ever. I ran pretty hot and was pleased with my play. Money wise the win doesn't do much more than clean up a few of my recent online blow-up sessions, but its nice to have a very positive result.

I woke up at 4 P.M. today, and will probably head over to the gym pretty soon. Tomorrow is the 5K NL 6-max event. There is a ton of skill in this event, and most of the best players in the world will be playing it. I am looking forward to the challenge.

Our Horse Fantasy pool is working out for me so far. With 16 people left, Matt and Ed are drawing dead with no team members left. Shane has Greg Raymer left, but Raymer is a short stack, while I have medium stack Barry Greenstein and top 5 stack David Singer (my pick at this point to win). Hopefully Fossilman goes busto soon.

In other news a prop bet involving Erick Lindgren is the talk of the poker community on NL 5K 6-max eve. Here is the bet outlined by the fine people at

We got a call from Gavin Smith last night saying that Erick Lindgren accepted a $100,000 prop bet with the following rules :::

::: He had to play four rounds of golf at Bear's Best in one day.

:: He had to walk all four rounds back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

:: He'd be shooting from the pro tees.

:: He had to shoot under 100 on all rounds.

Within 15 minutes, Phil Ivey added another $200k to the bet, and with a few others jumping in since, the total is now close to $350k.

Reports are he finished 2 rounds and shot a 46 through the front 9 on his 3rd round.


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