Saturday, July 07, 2007

16 Outs Once

16 outs once, thats what Kido Pham had when he decided to gamble all in on a T962 board with 2 spades for 11,000 more chips. I was holding KcKs, for the lead in the 33,000 pot but the 9 of clubs on the river officially ended my WSOP 2007 and most likely my trip to Las vegas.

Not sure what to write, I am bummed about busting out, but I thought I played fine. Today was not my day I guess. I played very tight in levels 2 and 3 after a level 1 that saw my chip stack yo yo around a bit. My tight image allowed me to make a few steals in the 400-800 round with a 50 ante and I was feeling extremely comfortable when the KK hand came up.

On the bright side Kido seemed like a nice guy, and I wish him luck in the event. He also mentioned earlier than anyone he busts at our first table will be rewarded their money back if he goes on to win the event! (lol)

Also on the bright side is I have a pieces of a bunch of friends still left in the event and I am basically guarenteed to atleast have a sweat of someone who makes it semi deep.

Right now I feel like I am a little numb, I am not super depressed like I am after busting from some events, but I certainly wasnt prepared for this. For whatever reason I thought I would make it thru day 1 one way or another.

See ya next year


Blogger scarlet said...

you got a lot farther than a lot of people could even dream of. nyc awaits your return.

2:08 PM  

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