Saturday, July 14, 2007

Man Alive!

Justin just busted from the Main Event, finishing 83rd out of 6500 runners. It was a simply amazing run by him. He played great and got it in super good at the end. AKs vs Q9o. The action went small blind limps, Justin makes a sizeable raise in the BB and the SB goes in to the tank and finally takes the bait and shoves it in. Justin snap-calls and he is a 68 percent favorite in a huge pot. Justin took home 82,000 dollars for his troubles, not bad when u look back on it.

The good news is Rocking Ray Henson is still cruising along. He is 4th in chips with 70 left. Him winning would be out of this world. I am headed down to sweat him now for the end of the day. First prize is 8 million

Shane Schleger is quietly expertly dominating the Bellagio Cup 3 in the meantime. Shane and I have discussed how an expert always seems to have his coming out party at this tournament and with 18 left, Shane has a real shot. He is second in chips and feeling good. First prize is 1.3 million

Gl to both


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nice update man. crucial even...

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