Friday, July 13, 2007

JV - Razor (Who we are rooting for)

I first met Justin Sadauskas in the winter of 2002. We were playing 15-30 or 20-40 limit hold em at foxwoods on some weekend night. Justin was to my left, and we probably played for 12 hours. He was on the end of a trip to Foxwoods with his Chicago crew. Our game was off the hook, and Justin and I shared some friendly chatter along with the rest of the people in the game.

A year or more went by before the next time I chatted with Justin, I sent him a message on a poker forum about the new big thing, online poker. Justin had become a pioneer and I asked him if it was really possible to win, among other newbish questions. He claims to have saved this Message for blackmail situations.

Justin has became over the years a great friend of mine, even though he often is way behind in any argument about life or sports, it is rare that I question his poker knowledge or instinct. I have even admitted that he is "kind of heady", not as heady as his girlfriend who is "super-heady", but I'm pretty sure he was honored by the mention. It's pretty cool how far we have come from those days of grinding 15-30.

Anyways, Justin is still in the Main Event of the World Series. He enters Day 4 with 600K chips. Around 360 remain and the average stack is about 375K. Justin is a great player, and he is completely focused on the task at hand. He needs the relentless support of the east coast crew so he can win one for the good guys.

Justin also is a Heavy Pets fan, and plans to attend the Chicago show.

Ray Henson is also still in with 330K, another friend and amazingly nice person, among other qualities that makes him hard not to like and root for. Him winning the main event would be great for the poker world, just cause there wouldn't be one person who wasn't super pumped for him.

Also Rep Porter has over 1 million chips...

If I forgot anyone, I will mention them later, I need to go to sleep so I can get a full day of sweating in tomorrow


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