Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NFL Week 10

OK here is what I have taken so far. I might add some things later. I feel pretty good about what I have going at this point.

All the lines are from Mansion. Some are changing fast

(Home team in CAPS)

BENGALS (+1.5) over San Diego

Line opened at 1, obviously the half point isnt a huge deal but its a nice bonus and shows that the public is on San Diego. I dont see why Cinci cant win this game at home. They have played a tough schedule and this year so 4-4 isnt that terrible of a record and this is the make or break game of their season. I see Cinci scoring some points and winning this game to stay alive in the AFC race.

STEELERS (-4) over New Orleans

New Orleans seems to be going the wrong way, and as I have mentioned Pittsburg has not quit yet. They have too much pride and a great coach. Most smart people I know like Pittsburg, but the public (read : dumb people) is still in love with the Saints, driving the opening line from 5 to 4. I would like this game even more with Batch playing over Big Ben, but Ben should be ok at home.

VIKINGS (-5) over Green Bay

Just gonna echo what I wrote yesterday...I think Minnesota will be able to reclaim there offense at home. Green Bay has the lowest rated passing defense in the NFL which really helps the Vikings, maybe there below average recievers can actually get open this week. The old gambling rule of never betting against Brett Farve has really switched to, "bet against Brett Farve on the road in most spots. "

I am still looking in to this Detroit vs San Fran game...I think I like Detroit and u can still get it at 5.5 on Mansion but its 6 almost everywhere else. I think its a decent pick, but not gonna fully back it yet


Blogger G.P. said...

cincy is making you look rather intelligent right now up 21-7. . .

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