Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last week went well with the picks. I won 4 out of the 5 games. Enough people expressed mild intrest in the post that I will try to make this a weekly feature.

I think I will make an official picks post later, but a few games I am looking at and might take right now are included here.

Any Input is appreciated...Remember these are just early ideas

CINCI (+1.5) vs Ravens - (Also Cinci money line seems good here), I think they are good enough to win this game at home.

VIKINGS (-5) vs Green Bay - I think Minnesota will be able to reclaim there offense at home. Green Bay has a real bad pass defense and as mentioned last week, Farve just makes too many mistakes these days.

DETROIT (-5.5) vs 49ers - I dont have a great feel for how San Fran is playing and maybe I am underrating them. I do know that Detroit has an above average NFL offense with flat out stars in Kevin Jones and Roy Williams. Seems like Detroit is decent value here

PITT (-4) vs New Orleans - The public is on New Orleans here, but most people I have talked about or read who actually know a thing or 2 about the NFL like Pittsburg a lot here. The Steelers wont quit on the season yet, this is a game they might start to show some life.

Other games I had a small feeling about but probably wont touch

Cardinals +7 or 7.5...public is all over Dallas, if the line is 7.5 which I think it could end up being I think Zona could be a small value pick

KC to beat Miami on the money line

Bears +3 if u can get it, but a lot of places it is down to 2.5

Titans +7...meh, but home dog against the public etc


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