Saturday, July 08, 2006

From the archives...I wrote this up but never posted it...

Another TJ story. (The quotes are not exact, but they are pretty damn close.)

While sitting next to Tom McEvoy, another semi-highprofile old-timer, a TJ Cloutier borrowing melee again occured. This time it was TJ in the flesh approaching McEvoy. These posts are not meant to slander or insult anyone, they are purely for entertainment and to bring those of u not in Vegas inside the world of degeneracy that we/I sometimes get used to. T.J politely waits for Tom to finish a hand and then asks...

T.J. : What is our number at now?
Tom : Around 2700, actually I think its 2745.
T.J. : Ok, well lets make it 500 more.
Tom : (hesitates and checks his hole cards) OK, one sec...(it seems like Tom feels he got off cheap and is gonna give TJ the 500) He reaches for the 500 and begins to hand it to TJ.
T.J. : Lets just make it an even number actually to make it easier, give me 800.
Tom : Well I have the number at home, not even sure its 27, I'll give u 5 now and we can get to an even number soon.
T.J : (In the voice of a 13-year old begging for a new Nintendo game, no joke) Come on Tom give me 800.

Tom eventually gives in, and gets back to waiting for premium hands. Tom later tells us he is the only one in the casino with an "out" against T.J. cause he apparently gets the royalty checks that TJ and Tom continue to get from the sale of there jointly authored books they have produced. He also tells us that the 800 he gave TJ probably wont last him till dinner.

On a related note, when Tom McCevoy got to the table to start the day he was eating a salad and talking to a friend...meanwhile he flings his seating card to the dealer. The dealer looks at it, glances at the name and asks for Tom's ID. Tom, freezes in mid conversation and says,

"wait, u dont know who I am do u?", the dealers doesnt have much of a reaction to this. "U have no clue who I am huh? Wow, amazing...u have no clue who I am seriously? wow...ok hold on."

Tom reaches for his wallet and opens it up exposing his ID through the laminated holder, just close enough so the dealer can possibly squint and make out a few of the letters but no closer. The dealer accepts this and Tom goes back to his asian chicken salad, while expressing his amazement at what just transpired.


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