Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Catch-Up Blog

Sorry to my many loyal fans but I have suffered my first blog lag. Haven't got around to writing in the past few days but I am ready to pump a few more out coming soon.

I have played 2 events since I last posted. The NL 2000 event and the NL 5000 event.

NL 2000

In the NL 2000 event my original table draw was a tough one. I had former World Series of Poker Main Event champions Greg Raymer and Tom McEvoy at my table. Also John Juanda was directly to my left. Not really the draw u hope for with a field of 2000 random donkeys.

Regardless, I brought my original stack of 2000 to 2750 before our table was broken. I played 2 hands vs Raymer, for all u Fossilman fans here was the action.

Hand #1

Blinds 25/25 I opened in MP with red AA for 100. The button calls and Raymer calls in the SB. The flop comes 752 with 2 diamonds, checked to me and I bet 200, button folds and Raymer reaches for 200 chips behind his trademark goofy glasses and slings em in. Headed to the turn with the former patent attorney turned world champ we see the 9 of diamonds, giving me the nut diamond draw with my aces. Raymer checks and I decide to practice some pot control and check behind. (for u guys who know me but are still learning about poker, definitely feel free to call/IM/EMail etc. about some of these plays and I will try to explain my thinking.)

So the river comes a 4th diamond giving me the nuts. Raymer checks, the pot is 725 and I bet 450. In retrospect 600 or 150 would have both been better, but im pretty sure no matter what he was gonna look into my soul and fold. Greg folded, claiming not to have a Diamond (I think he had black 66 or 88.)

The second hand was much quieter. I raise in MP to 75 with AcJc, its Raymers button and he calls (obv) and we take the flop heads up. Flop AK4 and we both check, turn 4 and we both check, River 6 and I throw out a 100 dollar chip and say 50, he thinks and calls. I win 2 for 2 vs Raymer.

I got moved to a new table. The most notable player was Billy Baxter supposedly an expert Sports Bettor who also is a very solid tournament poker player. I dont seem to recall much about that table except that I built my chips all the way up to 6000 but then paid some blinds had some unsuccesful steals and then lost a 8000 chip pot with KK vs AQ to bust with 450 people left. Win that pot and I am in great shape at a decent table, but unfortunately the A door card did me in.

NL 5000

This tournament seemed doomed from the start and I am not gonna report much. I didnt get a great nights sleep and also was a little bummed I was gonna miss yet another World Cup match (Italy vs Germany was on at the same time as the tourney) Also I woke up with a tooth ache. Combine that with a bunch of missed draws and flops in the early going and then losing a big blind vs blind all in with A6 vs A7 and that was all she wrote for one of the tougher WSOP events out there.

I dont think I really made any big mistakes in this tournament, just really didnt find much to play and also didnt find spots to make things happen. I ended up going home and grinding out a decent wage online for a few hours and then meeting up with some old poker friends and one of my best friends in the world Eric.

Eric is definitely one of the coolest people I know and he was on his A game this night. Everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious and the people I was hanging out with absolutely fell in love with him as people often do. The girls in our group seriously couldnt get enough of him. Eric is here for a few more days with his parents so I expect to take it easy and try to hang with with them a few more times.

BTW Eric and his dad Harry played the 225 second chance NL tourney at the Rio. Here are there bust hands as reported by them.

Eric is on the button with 800 chips and A9s, blinds 50-100. Folded to him and he makes it 250 with A9s (I would have pushed personally). The BB calls and they get the money in on an AT8 flop. The BB ends up having AT and gg Eric, not much he could do there.

Harry's bust hand is a little more interesting. I could have some of the details wrong and Harry might have had some wrong too, but here it goes. Blinds 100-200, Harry raises UTG with ATs to 400 total (I think that was too small) one of the blinds calls and the flop is T43 rainbow and the blind makes a small lead at the flop. Harry decides to shove it in for about 6500 total. In a vacuum I dont love the play, but Harry was at the table so its hard to debate it. I would opt for a much smaller raise, possibly folding to a push or even better a flop call in an attempt to control the pot size and not fold out a better hand. Well all this analysis seems silly because apparently his opponent called him with K4 and hit one of his 5 outs twice and that was it for Harry.

So the last few days poker wise havent been great, our house still hasnt got much going at all but I am still in a great mindset and am ready to play these upcoming events. Regardless of poker though I am having a great time out here. Our house is really fun, we have a ping pong table/pool table/maid service/pool etc, and I really like the people I have met through poker so its good to spend some time with everyone.

Then again, I better win one of these fucking events soon


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