Friday, July 07, 2006

OK I am pretty pissed off

OK this blog is probably gonna be pretty damn short, maybe I will have more to say later...right now I am pretty dissapointed cause this was my best chance at a great finish so far. I started the 2500 NL today slowly but during round 3 I won a big 3 way pot with JJ vs AJ and A8 and then was off to the races.

By dinner break I had 18K with 300 left and the average stack was around 10 maybe less. I was very excited to get back after dinner break because I was prepared to really take advantage of the tight nature of my table. Well, I got back and lost AQ to 66 for 4K chips and then another 2K vs some guy I hate (more on him later).

So now I have 12K and the guy I hate makes it 1200, gets a cold call from a 7.5K stack and I call with 55. Flop T75 with 1 diamond. Guy I hate bets 2000, next guy makes it 6300 All-In and I hollywood for a bit to make sure that the other guy comes with AA-QQ, well he does. He moves in. I am up against AA and ATs. The pot is over 30,000 and the chip average is around 11,000.

Turn MOTHER F#$&#@&* ACE. ONE OUT and I am DONE

So instead of having about 32K and being at a ridiculously easy table with everyone covered by a ton I am out of the dumb tournament. Its pretty unreal. I would have been a huge favorite to go deep in this thing. My table was really unbelievably good and wasnt breaking anytime soon. I am so sure I could have gotten away with raising half of my hands and I was already prepared to do so. UGH, this is a tough one to take. One ace in the deck and it spikes right off.

Also I am pretty sure I have a cavity. If my life wasnt so good in general I would be pretty damn unhappy right now. Hopefully I can bounce back from this but u dont get this type of oppurtunity every tournament. Its a tough one to take.

I will include a lighter blog later. Gonna go throw some things for now.


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