Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sorry guys I kind of stopped writing in this blog for a while. I have realized that a day to day poker blog is not something I want to keep up with, but hopefully this will develop in to something worthwhile once I get home.

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun. Run hot in cash games for the most part, but havent made much headway in the tournaemtns. Day 2 of the 1000 rebuy went alright for a while, doubled up quickly but then never got anything else going and ended up busting with 88 vs TT with about 40 left.

I went kind of deep in the Pot Limit 2000 and got real unlcucky near the money, also had a shot in the 2nd 1000 rebuy but lost a big coinflip vs Greg Raymer somewhat close to the money.

Random Tidbits :

- Both of Chip Reese's interview on "The Circuit", are very worthwhile to listen to. Some of the things he said have led me to not writing in this blog very often. (

- I am leading JV and Steve G overall in ping pong but there have been some big battles and nothing is determined by way of house champion yet, but I have a small lead down the stretch.

- My fantasy baseball pitching staff is in shambles. If anyone has some sleeper starters down the strecth please tell me.

- New York is a pretty amazing city


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