Thursday, November 16, 2006

I love the fall in the North East (NFL WEEK 11)

Last week my NFL picks were a bit of disaster going only 1-2. Coming off a great first week of posting NFL picks I felt obligated to catch lightning in the bottle again. I felt ok about my picks, but I guess I didnt have the same feel as I did the week before.

This week could be even worse because I didnt even get to watch the NFL this past weekend. I was at Foxwoods playing the 10K Main Event. I lasted kind of far into the marathon Day 1, but alas lost 2 coinflips and was BUSTO. Not too much interesting happened in the tournament. I played one semi-interesting hand vs Matt Mattros that I could write about at a later date. I thought the tournament structure was pretty horrible. 75 minute levels in a 10K event is ridiculous especially when u are skipping levels left and right. 20K starting chips seems to be all the rage right now, but it is really just a mirage when the structure ends up like it did at Foxwoods. For the most part the staff is miserable to deal with there also. No wonder I live 2 hours away from Foxwoods but only go there once a year.

Now I am back in NYC enjoying the ridiculously good weather we continue to get. My life pretty much now revolves around playing sports and I love it. It feels like high school again. I am on 2 soccer teams at Chelsea Piers and also have started a ritual of Saturday Morning-Afteroon touch football with my friends here. The soccer teams are in competive leagues and the football is incredibly fun.

THe Tuesday night soccer teams record is at 5 wins 3 losses after a gritty 4-3 win this week that I scored 2 goals in. We play in an 8 team league and 2 make the playoffs (In the playoffs u combine with all the other Division one teams from other nights). We are in some trouble though as the 1st team is 8-0 and then the team in second is 5-2-1. They (The Sinners) are gonna have to lose or tie one of there last 2 games. to give us a shot.

The second team I am on plays in Division 2 which is a less talented league. Our team has really come together in this league. We are 6-2 and control our own destiny to make the playoffs. I have become one of the stars of the team which has been a lot of fun. Tonight we play "12 Angry Men", a team that has been real hot as of late after starting slow. Its going to be a very tough game. The game starts at 11 PM which I think helps me a lot because I can adjust my sleeping schedule to be ready for the game and I am used to being up late on weekdays. I hope to have a huge game and carry the team to a win.

If u live in NYC and want to get involved in team sports they have everything at Chelsea Piers, it is really amazing. Check out the site. Also for any big fans of semi competitive adult soccer teams/players, if u navigate around u can find the standings for my soccer league. I play on Equinox Warriors Division 1 on Tuesdays and BallStars Division 2 on Thursdays.

As for the football, well if u dont play touch football every Saturday morning with your friends u are really missing out. I look back at the last 2 years and cant believe we didnt do this the whole time I have been in NY. Everyone looks forward to it all week. The games are a perfect mix of competive, but not too competive. Last week my buddy Andrew and I were paired on the same team and we made a pretty ridiculous QB-WR tandem. I would venture to say it was my best performance playing football ever as I pretty much caught every ball thrown my way all day, and put up some monster fantasy numbers.

One last thing that I have recently really been into is Sirius Radio, especially Howard Stern. I have a subscription now and can listen to all of Sirius radios channels on the internet. The Stern show is better than ever, and it is amazing to listen to while playing poker online. Everyone on the show is so fun to listen to, so real. Also with Sirius now u can listen to the show all day instead of having to wake up at 6 if u want to hear the whole show. The guests they get on are amazing and Howard is a brilliant talent. I suggest Sirius to anyone, probably a great holiday season gift for the right person also.


For now I dont have any real picks. The games I have narrowed it down to are...

Cinci +3
Cleveland +3
Miami -3
Jets +7
Denver -2.5

I am gonna try to do some real study at some point and get 2 or 3 picks that I feel great about. If I post something later its gonna be solid


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