Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This is an EMail I sent to all the guys on my Tuesday soccer team. A funny thing to keep in mind while reading is that I met all of these people 2 months ago and they have all know eachother for years, so they might think I am a little psycho to be this excited about our mens league soccer teams playoff chances. A lot of them seem to be as into as me though, so its probably fine. I showed up for our game tonight but we won by forfeit, I missed the email so was there with no game to play.

Whats up guys,

Some good news to kick off the holiday weekend...I ended up going to the field tonight, scrimmaged for the hour of our game and then decided to stick around for the first few minutes and watch Salvatore Ferragamo play Rebels. We needed Salvatore to win to allow us to control our own destiny for a playoff spot. Well I got sucked into what ended up being a really good game. Both teams were playing very tough and very good soccer. Salvatore ended up winning by 2 goals late (despite a red card), which is huge for our playoff bid.

Now we are alone in 2nd place in our 8 team league with 18 points and 1 game to go. (Moody has 24, Rebels has 16, Clippers have 15 and Salvatore has 14) If we beat Foreign Legion next week we are in the playoffs (only 2 teams are guarenteed from our league)

Now for the minor bad news...I also caught the end of Foreign Legions game and they looked a lot tougher than I had remembered, seems like maybe they have all their players now and looked pretty decent beating whoever they played. (Obviously we can and will still beat them).
Anyways figured I would pass this news along, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving...


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving...


Blogger Derek said...

U ever play pokeR?

8:24 AM  
Blogger Leather Ass Grinder said...

Yea I play poker all the time. Probably more than is healthy these days, but most of it is just grinding online. I never get the itch to post poker content though.

I will try to look for stuff I feel like posting

9:24 AM  

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